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1. Financial and Insurance Products and Services
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North American Debt Relief LLC is a licensed debt settlement company in the state of Pennsylvania.
Our company is located at 3231 N 2nd Street, Philadelphia, PA 19140.
If you have any questions or concerns please contact
Eugene Sockolovsky
CEO/Managing Member

Facebook Financial & Insurance Services Policy.
Please read below for the full Fees and APR percentages disclosures.

Our Guarantee : We will not charge any fee for our services until a debt is resolved and you have made a payment toward the settlement of that debt. When one of your debts is resolved, we will charge you only the fee associated with that debt at that time.

APR & Fees: We do not charge or collect any fee for our settlement services unless and until a Debt is successfully resolved.When a proposed settlement of a Debt is negotiated and you make a payment toward settlement of that Debt, we chargeand are entitled to collect 25 % of the enrollment amount of that Debt, as reflected on Exhibit A. On an annualized basis, if we settle your debts over the estimated 40 month program life, your fee would work out to be approximately
7.50 % of your enrolled debt per year. Debt Relieft will earn and receive a settlement fee on all accounts settled during your program, including those accounts where you participated in the negotiation and settlement process.

Although the negotiated settlement offers may have terms that require a single payment (for example, a $1,000 lump sum payment to settle a $2,000 account) or that require a number of payments (for example, payments of $1,000 per month for five months to settle a $10,000 account), our fee for the settlement of any Debt is earned, and is charged in full, at the time you make any payment to a Creditor toward an agreed upon settlement of that Debt on terms substantially similar to those negotiated.